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Who is Natasha?

Hey Friend,

Congratulations on making it this far. You’re probably curious about me and how I can guide you on your journey toward becoming your desired self. Valid questions indeed. I could list my degrees and certifications (they’re on the homepage), but you’re seeking the genuine me. So, let’s get comfy and chat as I share how I became a Certified Professional Life Coach.

Ever find yourself repeatedly doing something that makes you feel empowered and authentically yourself? For me, dancing in a baggy T-shirt with the lights off, music blasting, moving to the beat is that action. It’s when I fully embrace who I am.

This euphoria of worthiness, energy, acceptance, and freedom is what I aimed to carry into reality, but it eluded me. Outwardly, I seemed composed, but internally, I was at odds. I absorbed others’ narratives, aiming to fill a void. I lost my way, battled anxiety, and struggled to pass a counseling exam I once aspired to conquer.

So began my journey to discover my soul. It demanded consistency and discomfort. Trial and error led me to breathe, be present, and challenge my negative thoughts. The breakthrough connected me to my purpose as a Certified Professional Life Coach.

Years later, I’ve embraced myself fully. As I delved into my own identity, I realized my joy lies in witnessing others embrace their greatness. It’s what I’m here for, and I want it for YOU. My mission is to empower you until you can empower yourself.

I believe change begins in the Here and Now where you must be present with yourself to start the real work. I’m here for you through and through, and I know when you are ready, you won’t let other people’s narratives, your inner critic, or mindless actions hold you back from starting your own journey.

Friend, my hope is that you can trust me to help empower you until you can embrace your own empowerment. It’s all within you. You hold the key to your own success, whatever that may be. Because I’ve walked this path, I can help you navigate over and through the barriers in your own life to finally bring the breakthrough.

The time is here. Let’s start now!

Rootin’ for you,